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Members Benefits

NADCM ("NadCam")  NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of DOCTORS of CHIROPRACTIC MEDICINE is a Professional Organization of Chiropractic and Integrative Medical Doctors who collaborate and support each other through shared education, technology, new business building opportunities and best practices.  

This gives you a new reach, and associates you through our network to a range of other integrative practitioners. We help create a bridge of Chiropractic medicine with Integrative Medical Professionals, and other CAM disciplines such as Acupuncturists and Naturopaths. Providing you a broader spectrum of care concepts and knowledge. 

This is a place where medical professionals can gather to share ideas and practices for integrative care, expanding the traditional practitoners horizons with Complementary and Alternative Medicines, ideas and modalities.  Where new ideas can be freely discussed across disciplines and success can be shared and duplicated.

Our goal is to provide the channels for the exchange of information and support to help health care practitioners do what they want most to do, help their patients. To cross frontiers of knowledge and disciplines, to be informed and educated on ideas and practices, to better offer what treatment, help and care is most advantageous to any given patient.

A few of the current benefits

  No Annual Fees

  Free Referral Program

  Increased ability work cross-discipline

  Monthly Newsletter Includes
                    - Marketing Tips
                    - Social Media Ideas
                    - Tax Tips
                    - Free Social Media Blurbs for you to use
                    - New insurance updates & billing
                    - Articles on New Technology
                    - Articles of interest contributed from
                       multiple disciplines
                    - Identified emerging profit centers
                    - 2nd page of newsletter is easy to
                      rebrand and use for your own     
                      marketing needs





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