Are You Certified To Collect DNA Samples?
The  National  Association  for  DNA Collection  and  Management  (NADCM)  has designed  specific
training and certification programs tailored to the various aspects of DNA collection and management.
Training courses are designed to meet the AABB standards.  Individuals certified by NADCM will
have completed a training course in addition to a certification exam.   
National Association for DNA Collection and Management
Did you know....

  • More and more customers are choosing to do business with a company
    based on whether or not they are certified in their particular area of

  • A well trained, certified staff can offer better customer service to your
    customers, which could lead to increased referrals to your business.
How  many  times  has a  customer  asked  you  that  question?  Did  you lose
business  because you  could  not answer "yes"?  Become NADCM certified,
and set yourself apart from all the other DNA collection companies.
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